Project of development of South Sinai building techniques - EU project

South Sinai, Egypt | 2008 - 2009

The project aimed at developing ways to build with sand, as an althernative and ecological building technique. Located exactly @ 28.5594201,33.9381408,15. A wonderful and magical spot, where I used to hike already five years before moving there for work. I lived in somewhere that litterlly meant, valley of the apples, without a single apple tree.

My main focus was the center of building crafts, the first and so far the only rammed earth building in Egypt.

The center of building crafts demonsrats building techniques that are experimental to its surrounding, it was built as a case study and was supposed to serve as a building crafts place, after trainig a good number of local to take the lead on further educating others, developing more techniques and building more building. Well, everything happened accoridng to plan, except for a little corruption detail, that made the building end up as a residence for a Swiss researcher. I took full design development, material research, training and actual construction management of the building. Original design is made by architects Wael Sabry and Ahmed Hamdy.

It was an exptional building experience, where I blessed to have Bedouin mentors, whom I might have taught some design skills, but what I learend from them, was byond specialities. The trickiest part was having to hit the road at 7AM to drive 120KM back and forth, to buy a dozen of..washers.. Well, remote areas!